Hi, I'm Andie.

I live near the Swiss Alps, in Bern, and I love not only melting cheese, but all kinds of Swiss cooking. 

En Guetä!

Gschwellti mit Kräuterquark

Gschwellti mit Kräuterquark


One of Switzerland’s (and Sam’s) favourite meals is one of its simplest, Gschwellti mit Chäs, boiled potatoes with cheese.

It might not sound very exciting, but I assure you that the tender sweetness of a new potato, plus a salty Alp cheese with a whiff of hay, is heavenly.

My mum often made Gschwellti mit Chäs in Canada while I was growing up, and I loved pairing my potatoes with a thin slice of gorgonzola, or flakes of butter and sea salt. My mother-in-law uses it as an excuse to eat her body weight in Ziger, while Sam likes a dollop of cottage cheese and a drizzle of Birnenhonig.


Another traditional topping is Kräuterquark. Quark, the German version of sour cream, mixed with fresh herbs and spooned over top.

My favourite potatoes to use are tiny new potatoes, which have lately appeared at our local self-serve farm shop.

My father-in-law cooks his Gschwellti in his beloved Dampfkochtopf, pressure cooker, which he swears makes the tenderest spuds, but at my house it’s the old-fashioned way, boiled in a pot.

It was this fantastic video, Margrit’s Alpquark für Gschwellti, that inspired me to make Kräuterquark to go with my Gschwellti (it’s worth watching just for the adorable knife-wielding toddler).

potatoes (around 200 g per person)


Scrub your potatoes, removing any sprouted bits and green spots, but do not peel.

Put potatoes in a large pot and just cover with cold water. Bring to a boil over high heat.

The cooking time will really depend on the size and variety of your potatoes, though it will generally take around 20 minutes for little new potatoes and about half an hour for slightly larger varieties. The best test is to prick them with a sharp knife and when they easily slide off the knife they are cooked.

Once the potatoes are cooked, drain the water and let them sit in the pot until you are ready to serve. Avoid running them under cold water, as this can make their skins crack open.


250 g Quark

1 spring onion, minced

the zest of one lemon

2 tbsp lemon juice

a handful of herbs (basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, marjoram, chives, parsley etc.), minced

salt and pepper

Stir together.

Serve over Gschwellti.



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