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My name is Andie Pilot. I grew up near the Canadian Rockies, in Calgary, and now I live near the Swiss Alps, in the beautiful Emmental.

My mum is Swiss and I spent many summers with my grandparents in Walenstadt gorging on Swiss bread, cheese, chocolate and sausages.

More specifically, there was a grill by the lake where you could get Switzerland's favourite wurst, cervelat, wrapped in pink wax paper with a blob of mustard and a hunk of rye bread. Afterwards it was off to the kiosk for a Pralinato, an hazelnut ice cream bar with an entire rod of Swiss chocolate covering the stick. In the morning the bakeries and cafes had gipfeli, the Swiss version of croissant, which is just as buttery, but with darker, crispier crust. In the afternoons you could get a coupe, an ice cream sundae the size of your head

But, as I learned living here, Swiss cuisine is so much more than cheese and chocolate. Every region protects and celebrates its own contribution to the Swiss culinary canon, which for such a small country is incredibly large and diverse.

This is my experience cooking and baking in Switzerland, trying regional recipes, family recipes, new dishes, new ingredients, old classics, and exploring the curious food products that can only be found in this tiny alpine land.

Lots of help and guidance on authenticity comes from my Swiss husband Sam, raised in Schüpfheim, whose precision and cleanliness in the kitchen puts me to shame. 

The practical advice given here comes from my training in baking and pastry, work experience in different bakeries and restaurants and, most often, my experience cooking and baking in my own kitchen.



Me and my fondue pot.


 All illustration and lettering is hand drawn by me.

All photos are taken by me or my husband Sam (marked with SB) unless otherwise indicated. 

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