Switzerland has as many drinks as it does mountains, from absinthe to Kirsch, Petite Arvine to Humagne Rouge, healthy pick-me-ups to boozy keep-me-ups. Drink like the Swiss takes you on a titillating tour of this tasty (and tipsy) aspect of Swiss culture. With dozens of recipes - from cocktails to coffee to cocoa - and many delightful curiosities, Andie Pilot's colourful little book leaves no bean unground, and no bottle uncorked.

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A sample of what’s inside:

purple mountains

And there’s also:

Helvetic Kitchen, the Book


All your favourite Swiss recipes, from Cheese Fondue to Toast Hawaii, in print. Plus interesting facts about kings, fairies, murderers, can-can dancers, and how all those things relate to Swiss cuisine.

What a wonderful book! Not just tasty traditional recipes but also lovely tidbits of information to go with each one. I think I hear my kitchen calling me.

-Diccon Bewes, bestselling author of Swiss Watching

All recipes in the book have both gram and cup measurements.

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