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Spargel Speck Flammkuchen

Spargel and Speck Flammkuchen

Originally the flammkuchen was used as a way to test the heat of wood-fired ovens. The embers were pushed aside and a very thinly doughed tart (almost like a pizza, but thinner), usually topped with bacon or cheese, would be set in the middle of the oven. If it could cook in as little as 1 - 2 minutes, the oven was at an ideal temperature.

Appenzeller Toast

Appenzeller Toast

Appenzeller Toast (also known as Toast Williams) follows in the quick and easy 'Toast' tradition, which includes such classics as Toast Hawaii or Toast Pomodoro.

There is intense debate over where the cheese should be placed in the lineup. Some object to the cheese under the fruit and prefer a blanket of cheese covering the entire toast. Others argue that the juicy pineapple slice and appetizing red of the cherry should not be hidden under a mantel of cheese.