Hi, I'm Andie.

I live near the Swiss Alps, in Bern, and I love not only melting cheese, but all kinds of Swiss cooking. 

En Guetä!


Nothing beats the sophisticated Eiskaffee as a treat on a hot summer’s day in Switzerland.

However, there are so many versions of this iced coffee delight that if you order one, it’s hard to know exactly what you will get.

Some versions are more like the Italian affogato—espresso poured over vanilla ice cream (that’s what Migusto’s recipe suggests). While some are more like a frappé, a thinner, coffee-flavoured milkshake. Sometimes you just get a couple of scoops of coffee ice cream, which Swissmilk’s recipe makes from scratch, and which may or may not be spiked with booze. The recipe from the Swiss farmer’s association uses instant coffee, eggs and a lot of cream in their version. At any restaurant in the Emmental you can count on a generous topping of fresh whipped cream.

Elisabeth Fülscher fills her glass with homemade coffee ice cream, then tops with whipped cream and chocolate coffee beans. An interesting variation has her replace the coffee ice cream with homemade black tea ice cream.

When I asked my mother-in-law, Josy, she sent me a bunch of recipes, but when I pressed her for her own favourite, she suggested perhaps the easiest (and possibly best) version—letting a bit of mocha ice cream get melty, and then loosening it up with plenty of kirsch.

I like a blended style, vanilla or mocha ice cream, and strong coffee.

During the summer in our house, we always have a couple of bottles of cold brew in the fridge, which makes things incredibly simple. Cold brew is a cold infused coffee, no heating required, as opposed to iced coffee, which is usually just hot coffee poured over ice. It’s usually pretty strong—when tempered with milk, it’s delightful, and when tempered with vanilla ice cream, it’s heavenly.


2 scoops vanilla or mocha ice cream

150 ml regular or cold brew coffee (recipe below)

whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles to decorate.

Blend together the ice cream and coffee.

Top with whipped cream and sprinkles.

  • I used these Cailler chocolate drops to decorate my Eiskaffee.

  • You can blend using an immersion blender (I use a Bamix), regular blender, or just let the ice cream soften up a bit and stir by hand.

cold brew.png

200 g coffee, coarsely ground

2 litres cold water

Pour the cold water into a container, add the ground coffee and whisk well.

Cover, and let sit overnight.

In the morning, strain into bottles/containers using a sieve and a coffee filter.

Keep in the fridge and drink within a couple of days.

  • It takes a little while to filter the coffee, so make sure you give yourself enough time.

  • I filter the coffee into a large-mouthed jar or pitcher first (over the sink) and then funnel it into glass bottles.

Coupe Dänemark

More Ice Cream?

Coupe Dänemark

1. August Weggli

1. August Weggli