Hi, I'm Andie.

I live near the Swiss Alps, in Bern, and I love not only melting cheese, but all kinds of Swiss cooking. 

En Guetä!

Eisbär Brunsli
eisbär brunsli

Putting aside the distressing images of hungry bears in melty arctic landscapes, polar bears (Eisbär, "ice bear" in German) are majestic creatures that deserve more than just the classic 80s New Wave song by the Swiss band Grauzone (no matter how awesome that song is).

They deserve to be Christmas cookies.

The lyrics go like this:

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein

im kalten Polar

Dann müßte ich nicht mehr schreien

Alles wäre so klar

Eisbären müssen nie weinen

I would like to be a polar bear,

in the cold Arctic.

Then I would not have to cry,

everything would be fine.

Polar bears never have to cry.

And neither will you, with a face full of cookies.

The idea for the recipe comes from my favourite twins, Rosie and Bronwen, who suggested a white icing for Brunsli Bears to make polar bears. I decided to further frost-ify by adding mint to the mix.

Although almost all Swiss people I know do not seem to like chocolate flavoured with mint, I think it elevates the regular Brunsli. And they're pretty cute too. 

eisbär brunsli

1 recipe Brunsli Bears—substituting crème de menthe for the kirsch

icing sugar

more creme de menthe

Gather your baked Brunsli bears and lay them out.

Make the glaze

Mix together the icing sugar and crème de menthe until you get a spreadable paste. (Start with about 2 tbsp icing sugar, then add about half a tsp creme de menthe and mix until glossy).

Using a pastry brush, spread the glaze onto your bears.

Using a small sieve, sprinkle icing sugar over the bears generously until they look white and fluffy.

  • I could only find green, not clear, crème de menthe (I'm totally making my own in the new year). Because I didn't want glowing green, nuclear disaster bears, I covered them in icing sugar (it has a nice snowy effect too). However, if you do have a clear spirit, you could skip the final icing sugar stage and just leave them with the glaze, thickening it with some additional icing sugar.
  • You could also add peppermint extract to the initial Brunsli dough, if you have it.

eisbär brunsli


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