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Tropical Birchermüesli

Tropical Birchermüesli

With a glut of fresh pineapple, this tropical birchermüesli was born. It uses coconut milk, toasted coconut and dried pineapple, though you could use any dried tropical fruit. The most important thing is to only add the pineapple at the end—if you let it sit in the yogurt it gives it a funny, curdled taste. You can really easily make this dairy-free by using a non-dairy yogurt.

Coco-nilla Pudding

Coco-Nilla Pudding

A coconut vanilla pudding inspired by Coop's yogurt of the month for March. It's rich, creamy, and can double as a tart filling. And because it only uses coconut milk, no regular milk or butter, it's dairy free.