Hi, I'm Andie.

I live near the Swiss Alps, in Bern, and I love not only melting cheese, but all kinds of Swiss cooking. 

En Guetä!

Kafi Schnaps Shots

Kafi Schnaps Shots


Let's talk about the real reason Swiss people attend cold outdoor events.


(exactly what it sounds like, coffee laced with schnapps).

A light coffee base (so you can drink five without your heart exploding), plus a good splash of Kirsch (cherry spirit), Zwätschga (plum spirit), or Träsch (apple or pear spirit), a cube of sugar and maybe a drop of cream or milk too. Makes you warm and rosy.

Here, the goodness of the warm drink has been concentrated into a cold shot.

The saying goes that you should be able to read a newspaper (or see a coin) through the liquid, otherwise the coffee is too strong, or not enough booze has been added.

Because this drink uses cold brew, which is quite dark and strong, it's not translucent, but it still packs a boozy punch.

No moustaches please!

No moustaches please!


1 part cold brew

1 part kirsch/träsch/zwätschga or other spirit of choice

splash of cream or milk

sugar to taste

Stir together the coffee and booze, then prepare as you would your normal coffee, adding cream and milk or sugar to taste.

Sip or shoot, it's up to you.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is incredibly easy to make and wonderful to have on hand during the summer. It's prepared using cold water—no heating involved.

Here's how to make it:

Pour 1 litre of cold water into a container, add 100 g ground coffee, whisk well, cover, and let sit overnight. In the morning, strain into glass containers using a sieve and a moistened coffee filter. Keep it in the fridge and drink within a couple of days.

kafi schnaps shot
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